Candle Magic

What is Candle Magic?

Candle magic is the simplest form of magic. It can be done practically anywhere  even with limited resources available. Candle magic is practical because it doesn’t  have to involve any expensive artifacts and fancy ceremonies and rituals to accomplish. Simply, most people forget the fact that one of the most common current practices of candle magic rituals is still being done all over the world crossing all ages without any form of malice or discrimination. Almost all spiritual practices and religions uses some form of it.  ThGood Witch uses various method to ensure the most powerful and effective forms of candle magic are used.

Candle Magic Love Spells

Candle magic spells can be used to show or disperse, attract or safeguard, increasing or lessening required or needed things in your daily life. Examples are wellbeing, thriving, recuperating, riches, improvement of information, protection of self. The wish and custom can be as basic or as confounded as you want there is no set in a stone manner about things. Also, candle magic offers us an opportunity to connect and partake with the general energy and supernatural power in our lives. Anybody can practice this as there are no set convictions to practice this primordial art. Fixing your own candles is possible but may not give you your desired result. worse case you will just be relaxing with a nice candle. Hiring a professional to create your candle for you is the best way to go to get desired results. Candles that are made custom for you and you situation are made by TH Good Wich only come after a consultation. There are some candles that are available that are fixed to work on specific issues that are available without consultation. 

It helps in increasing the power of the inclination your lover has for you. It must do with making a good inclination in the mind of the person for you. This feeling grows mostly because the candle magic love spells are fruitful in catching the good energy around you. Therefore, even you feel certain and this is obvious in your character. This gives a degree to carry your lover nearer to you. This positive energy makes you turn very delightful. Thusly, the person understands your actual feelings and values your presence throughout everyday life.

What To Do To Make Candle Magic More Powerful?

While choosing scents and colors to enhance your candle magic is arbitrary, following the traditional options will add collective power to your work. The next time you light a candle, choose sensibly with your purpose on the outcome and see how much stronger the results become.

Remember that the way into this adventure is conviction. If you don't completely believe that it will work, it will not. I realize it works: I've done it ordinarily and I have seen the outcomes with my own eyes. Something else: whenever you have finished the consumption (over a progression of evenings if essential), try to forget about it. Simply continue ahead to no one's surprise and genuinely discharge your solicitation to the Universe. Remember that watching the water doesn't make it heat up any quicker! Disappear and allow the energy to take care of its responsibilities!


For most specialists and professionals, candle magic is fundamentally a medium in which a person centers their energy and will to show their most noteworthy dreams and wants. Candle magic customs are simple yet compelling and can be performed anyplace where you can light a flame. Whether you need to get a new line of work, draw in your perfect partner or quit smoking, you can play out a speedy candle ritual that will send your energy out into the Universe and help with showing your desires.


Ensure fire safety and that you are burning your candles in a safe environment.