Hoodoo Conjure Fixed Candles: How Do They Work and What are Their Main purposes?

There are many aspects of life that you may have a skewed perception of their significance and undervalue their utility. One of them is the use of hoodoo conjure fixed candles, often known as conjured candles. These candles are likely to be familiar to you and your impressions about them may differ from what you will discover in this article today.

Fixed candles are one of the instruments you'll need to make your dreams come true. But what is fixed candles? How do they work, and are they worth it? Read on to find answers to these questions. 

What are Hoodoo Conjure Fixed candles? 

Fixed candles are unique spiritual objects utilized for a variety of spiritual purposes. Conjured candles as they are also called will help you in achieving your goals in the presence of challenges. 

Conjured candles come in a wide range of sizes and hues. Each color of candle has a certain purpose; thus, the type of candle you purchase is determined by the problem you're trying to address. 

How do the Hoodoo Conjure Fixed Candles Work? 

On your altar, fixed candles act as a witness and a messenger at the same time. These candles' smoke appears to travel with your petitions, thoughts, and life wishes. "Fixing" or "dressing" refers to the process of anointing your candles before you use them. 

How are Conjured Candles Fixed?

 "Fixed" Candle is an old Hoodoo/Conjure name for anointed candles that have been blended. Conjured candles are made with herbs, oils, minerals, and other materials, depending on their intended usage. A hoodoo master with a thorough understanding of African traditional spiritual practice performs this fixing session.

A special prayer that comes from the gifted inner self as enchantment is echoed into herbs and other materials as these candles are blended. These prayers are magical in that they awaken the spirit and energy of the herbs and other ingredients used in the blending process.

Everything in the universe has a spirit, including oils, herbs, minerals, rocks, hairs, animal bones, minerals, rocks, and so on. The services it provides to the user are determined by the prayers performed on these candles.

You can get pre-made candles to help you attract love or money, protect yourself, or achieve any other magical aim from the comfort of your own home. Hoodoo conjures fixed candles crafted with certain oils, herbs, gemstones, colors, or symbols that may be used to achieve specific aims. Frequently, sellers will offer advice on how to use the candles.

What are Their Main Purposes? 

These candles are fixed with specific intentions like; 

  • Financial success

  • Financial growth

  • Employment

  • Business expansion and overall success

  • Good luck

  • Love and relationship enhancement

  • Abundance Wealth Flow

  • Reconciliation

  • Peace and tranquility

  • Happiness and so on.

These candles' functions can only be effective if you use them correctly. The enchantment in these fixed candles is brought to life by the energies in your prayers. There is more to do than just lighting your candle and placing it on your altar and expecting it to do all the work; you're the mastermind behind the magic.

Are Fixed Candles Worth it?

Conjured candles, when used correctly, can make your life more enjoyable and free of obstacles. Using a set candle necessitates a comprehensive approach with compelling rituals, but it can also be deadly if not used properly and without supervision.

Making wishes with fixed candles is beneficial when the practitioner is not attempting to harm someone but rather to assist his or her weak self.

Note: If you're using hoodoo conjured fixed candles, you shouldn't blow them out like you would birthday candles. You have the option of snuffing, pinching, or simply letting it burn till it's gone. The lifespan of a fixed burning candle is five to seven days, but it may last a long time.


Hoodoo conjure fixed candles can be used for a variety of purposes. However, it is always advisable to purchase these candles from reputable retailers. It's crucial to remember that lighting a candle that hasn't been properly blended for spiritual usage amounts to nothing.